3 Leadership Traits for Growth

3 Leadership Traits for Growth

Inc has an article up by Marissa Levin on leaderhip traits for growth. I agree with all she says there including that many lists have merit and not just this one.

Her Leadership Traits are:

  1. Being Coachable and Open to Help
  2. Being Open to Accountability
  3. Being Comfortable with Discomfort

She has more thought in the article, so welcome to go see.

Leadership Traits Like These Need To Be Cultivated

I like how she talks about Being three times. Most leaders are doers as needed, but to be a great leader you also need to focus on Being.leadership traits

Who you are is still more important than what you do. It is the well from which you and those who need you draw.

I call her first point Teachability.  We all need it, but in China I have found it is in short supply. None of us knows everything.  She even pushes us to go ask for help and get coaching. I invest in coaching and definitely ask for help. It is useful. How teachable are you and how teachable are the people you hire, especially in China?  See the info graphic at Recruitment Agency China

The second is about accountability. We do Overcoming Five Dysfunctions of a Team facilitation for bosses who are brave enough, and you can imagine that few are.   Accountability with those who work for you, with you and over you is all valuable. Bosses like me and many of you need to work harder to get accountability within our organization and from people who can tell us to stop and we do.

Now, the first two do not work if you do not accept the third.  It is uncomfortable to ask someone for their business, but I see she means opening up topics where you are possibly wrong, not strong, or need to show vulnerability in a new way. The team gets stronger when we can do this.  I guarantee this works. Instead of you trying to be the smart guy, you have a whole team of smart guys watching your back, and then you can really grow the company.


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