30 Best Practices To Be and Do As a Leader – Area 1, Lead The Organization

Lead the Organization


Take Charge

Establish and relentlessly promote the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals (MVVG).  Further, the goal is to avoid determining the means people use, but facilitate them getting there along the goals and values so all are on the same path.

Give Focus to Building Your Team and Teamwork

Hire people with different skills and personalities but with similar values, and then build them into a team. Guard the gates of your organization against those who have different agendas and values. Hire people who are teachable and have the character you need and then train the skills they lack. Work in teams and not just individually decide issues with one or two others. Any crack or gap in teamwork or especially values will cascade down and be larger at the working end of the organization.

Take Responsibility

Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions at all times.  Never say, “The boss said so” or “My team did not do the job.”

Build the Organization Right

Develop a Structure that supports the MVVG. Human Resources and other departments must adjust their systems to be on line. The leader must directly ensure this. The Leader’s job is to clarify and facilitate your employee’s efforts to fulfill the MVVG and each leader under you must facilitate those workers’ success.

Develop Further Clarity

Ensure assigned tasks are understood, supervised, and accomplished.  Make direction of company and goals clear. State and Restate.  Check and recheck as alignment and good execution take work.

Plan and Consider

Be able to look forward when you think about the business and look forward when you think about people, especially those who work for you. Do it with your team often.

Understand First and Decide Second

If you understand 70%, and have done due diligence on your assumptions, then make it happen. Cross culturally getting to “Understand” is harder and must be accounted for.

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