30 Best Practices To Be and Do As a Leader – Area 2, Open Up the Communication

Open Up the Communication

Get Workers to Argue With and Confront You

Leaders challenge the way things are.  Promote healthy conflict.  Let every possible voice be heard. However, drive issues toward resolution. Once you have heard enough, make the decision.  Require your team to implement with passion.

Encourage people to talk.

Encourage a system that appears chaotic. Actively listen to them. Genuinely desire to want what people know.  Draw people out. Ask questions. Avoid defensiveness. Listen with your mind and your heart. Let people see you when you are around, and be sure to give more time to those closest to you.

Walk Around

Get out from behind your computer. Allow people to approach you.  Do not order lower level people around unnecessarily. Inform their leaders if you do.

Seek out and Face Problems

Take initiative to find problems.  Be sensitive to the feeling of the situation and dig inside the uncomfortable places.  Know that those are the places where you best employ your efforts.

Communicate Fully, Directly and Without Pretense, and Follow with Implementation

Create trust and credibility through honest communication.  Be a good listener. Above all, recognize that the power of your personal example is greater than the power of your words.

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