30 Best Practices To Be and Do As a Leader – Area 3, Make Sure People Know How They Are Doing

Make Sure People Know How They Are Doing

Give Feedback Often

Workers need to know what they are doing right and wrong or they end up working in the wrong direction or just losing motivation. Every thing from on the spot help in an area to quarterly formal evaluation times must be done wholeheartedly.  No one should be surprised by any formal evaluation result.

Develop or Fire

Never use people who you have no intent to develop or keep people who are unteachable. It is a disservice to them and holds down the strength of your culture.

Coach Your Workers More Than Order Them

Every boss must give orders at times, but great bosses rely on coaching to gain understanding and to  powerfully develop workers so they can go from success to greater success with ownership and not simply alignment.

Constantly Weed

Reward your best performers and get rid of your non-performers and people whose values are not on line.  If you do not weed out the bad, you may see the good turn bad or leave.

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