30 Best Practices To Be and Do As a Leader – Area 5, Develop Ownership

Develop Ownership


Establish a Positive Environment

Notice the good and encourage creativity. Oppose criticism of new and yet immature thought. Nit picking on others’ weaknesses and without seeing the whole person must be opposed. Constructive criticism should be welcome by all.

Empower, Empower, Empower

If everything revolves around the leader then no great culture will emerge. Believe in your workers. Do not live in fear that they will either fail or be better than you. Workers should have enough ownership to be checking each other to see that things are done well.

Encourage Learning, Innovation, and Change.

Leaders welcome and drive change. Constantly extract learning from your own failures and successes as well as those of others–both internal and external to the business.  Build on past success but also take the entrepreneurial risks necessary to innovate and grow the business.   Constantly seek new ideas and better ways from everywhere.

Seek Help

Ask for help; do not be an island. No one knows everything, and that should not be your goal. Each person we meet or contract has abilities or experiences that we can learn from, and we should.

A corollary is that the guy who is doing the job everyday is the expert and should be treated as such until it is shown not to be true.

Trust and Check

Believe the best in people, do due diligence and check their work. With an attitude of trust, the check you do is professional and correct and even welcomed. Trust and so not check is one thing to avoid and mistrusting and still employing or contracting is unwise.

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