30 Best Practices To Be and Do As a Leader – Area 6, Be and Do

Be and Do

Add Humor

Have fun in your role. Make work play wherever possible. Also maintain activities outside of work to improve your own thinking.

Be Optimistic

Always assure those around you that the team will make it, that the problem will be solved. Your confidence can carry the team to success. However, do not overstate.

Do Meetings Well

Start meetings with energy and interest and end them with clarity and decisiveness. Organize the middle portion as a team before the meeting. Meetings should be a place where decisions are made and the best of your culture can appear.

Add Faith, Hope, Love

While these words are not used often in business, they are core data for making the business run. Have faith in people when they cannot have faith in themselves. Have Hope for them that helps you see them as more than they are today. (but do not lose your edge) Love them, meaning appreciate and care for them and who they are created to be.

If you do these three things, then many errors in your skills will be overlooked, but if you fail in any, then any gap you have will be seen as a reason to oppose you.

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