30 Best Practices to Be and Do As a Leader – Wrap Up

30 Best Practices to Be and Do as a Leader have a tendency to bring sleep to the eyes.  We do not see the gaps as important.  We already know what to do.  Knowing the 30 points is not our problem, but rather how to get motivation to master that which we have not.

I once led an organization several great years, and when I left to move on, the organization appointed one of my European Lieutenants to take over the work.  He mentioned to me that he could not lead like I did.  I was surprised at this comment as felt he could do this job.  However, he could have been saying that his style would be different. That seemed reasonable to me, but I wondered what would happen based on that comment.  His wife and my wife had a bad fight shortly after this time, and the distance between us grew.

I lived in a different city from them and rarely had any contact, but other old friends would contact me on occasion.  They were always distressed. Creativity and passion had left the work and fear had gradually become pervasive. Turn over became epidemic.

So giving some thought to that, I realized two things. 1. He changed his style when he got the top job. 2. It was not that he could not lead like me due to personality but rather did not want to.  He felt it was beneath him to serve the workers faithfully to create a great service climate. He wanted to be the boss and feel like the boss.

He wanted them to care about him, but did not plan to care about and team with them but rather to command them from on high.

Let’s choose to want to be all that we can be to make the work succeed in bigger ways.

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