Bad Leaders – So Many of Them

bad leaders

No bad leaders permitted here!

We believe that 80% of leaders are mediocre to bad leaders.

Bad leaders say things like, “You are overqualified” to managers that will report to them.  Why do I say that?  Bad leaders are afraid of people who could take their job or even steal their glory. I saw a quote  here that made me smile on LinkedIn Pulse.

Wrong headed leaders don’t want people to rise up higher than them. Good leaders train people to rise up higher than them.

This is so true. Long ago we commonly heard that B leaders hired C workers and A leaders hired A+ workers. Let’s get A leaders.

Bad Leaders are Everywhere

Bad leaders are everywhere as anyone who has ever worked knows.  These unalligned leaders hoard information. They are always trying to protect themselves. Get a life. Try to hire people better than yourself, and you will be a better leader. Now if only your China leaders bought into that.

Root out the poor leaders. I heard about a company that had a technology ‘know it all’ who made everyone unhappy with his pride.  The company fired that person even though he had tons of knowledge.The whole company was energized. Hurrah for the courageous owners who fire these morons.

I think some owners do not fire the bad leaders as they are afraid the next guy will be the same.  They even have the experience to prove it.  Yes, if you treat recruiting as a non professional field, you are doomed to hire bad leaders again and again and occasionally get lucky and hire a good leader.

Excellent and consistent hiring can occur. I have spent 20 plus years developing our recruiting model, and we keep improving it every day. We know that companies need great leaders and that candidates are experts at faking. So we must be better and better at finding, identifying and recruiting great leaders. While we must continually improve our time to hire, foremost we must eliminate bad leaders. We must raise up the great leaders.  Then the world around us can be a better place where all the workers do more than just punch a clock.   Take a look at How to Hire Great Leaders.



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  1. Thomas Andersen June 17, 2015

    Interesting approach.

    The person categorized,in this case mentioned in the article, isn’t she/he an everyday people? Fostered maybe in a special environment?

    The identity described as far as we know it, seems like someone with poor basic self trust, If you agree with me – worrying her/his own ability to control? His/her outbursts of running rackets are appealing to conceal a warning to those that tries to overrule her/his limits of tolerance, In sequence leaving less and less space and room for deviations from this persons small and narrow tolerance, even it’s expressed as false humbleness? The less confidence for his/own ability to impact and cooperate in her/his environment, the more standardized the arguments for keeping control. It’s developing a model for finally accepting double or multiplied messages to the environment as the polices are founded in a person searching for her/his own convictions stepping on separating stones across the river? With eyes looking as if they are on a rabbit hunt? It becomes more and more lonely at the top . He/she finally ends up with a squad of trusted cooperators with obsequious and flattering performances, fading out dynamic intelligence and progress. The leader is keeping an eye on “Which one of them is going to be my Brutus?”
    A tragedy! How are they cured if not replaced? They are all among us. Sooner or later there must be an improvement for her/him? His/her only way to get out of the corner he/she painted herself into, is to eliminate opponents.

    The subsequent question and next topic beyond what is a concern for leadership theory is; what kind of conditions and environment fosters such personalities?

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