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Today, a quote from the US Army Leadership Field Manual

“To our subordinates we owe everything we are and hope to be. For it is our subordinates and not our superiors, who raise us to the dizziest of professional heights, and it is our subordinates who can and will, if we deserve it, bury us in the deepest mire of disgrace. When the chips are down and our subordinates have accepted us as their leader, we don’t need any superior to tell us; we see it in their eyes and in their faces, in the barracks, on the filed, and on the battle line. And on the final day when we must be ruthlessly demanding, cruel and heartless, they will rise as one to do our bidding, knowing full well that it may be their last act in this life.”

Colonel Albert G. Jenkins, CSA

8th Virginia Calvary

I definitely think this relates to business.  Anyone care to say what they get from this?  Any thoughts?

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