Be Know Do II – The Know

Without considering the BE in the first Be Know Do Blog, the Know becomes nothing but manipulation.  Nevertheless, let me throw out some guidance on the Knows.

The US Army has found that we need four kinds of Know to be successful leaders. They call them: Interpersonal Skills, Conceptual Skills, Technical Skills, and Tactical Skills.

Interpersonal Skills

These are: how to understand people working for us and how to work with them. Unchangable base personality mixed with an individual’s own unique experiences makes up who they are. They are the jumping point to understand and work with them. If we know little of either, then we will fall short in our ability to understand workers or customers.

Conceptual Skills (Strategy)

This is how to apply theory to practice in our industry or the business realm in general. Application of theory is the needed ability and not simply theory itself. We want always to make it our goal to work through how practically to apply any good concept you hear.

Technical Skills

How to use the equipment. As a leader we should not be the best expert on the equipment. For then we have not focused on developing the BE that we need as well as the other three knows. You do need a certain base technical ability, however.

Tactical Skills

How to decide based on the above three skills. It takes experience and wisdom to combine the above three knows. Integrating them in each decision and building experience in that path rounds out your Know.

We can build on however much BE we develop. And none of the these Knows ever become complete in us. They take continued work to have life and impact.

What do you think?

What would you add?

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