Be Know Do III – The DO

Perhaps followers of this blog know that I will say Do follows naturally from BE and Know. It does.
The US Army Leadership Field Manual says it well: “Leaders act. They bring together everything they are, everything they believe, and everything they know how to do to provide purpose, direction, and motivation.”

And here I also want to quote my own Dad who once told me, “Children do very little of what you say but very much of what you Do.” Ah yes, such is any organization we lead. Your consistent actions from your true self will breed real results in the behaviors and attitudes of your workers. If we list great values on the walls and then never use them in any decision making, we will have buried any hope of your workers following those values. Our DO is the necessary life of all that we bring to leadership.


Influencing is a big part of a leaders job. We need to have the ability to listen, write and speak privately and for groups. We need to make good and timely decisions based on all available information. You need to guide and inspire workers to accomplish the task at hand.

Getting the Job Done

Plan, prepare, execute, assess. These are key DO’s of a leader. Build teams, mentor junior leaders, and lead change. I will write again on irreplaceable DO’s of the leader but I hope I have given us something to think about today.

Do you have anything to add first?

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