Being Objective and Teams – How They Need To Be Together

We all seek to be objective in what we do, but the truth is that we all carry our personality, family history, cultural background and experiences into everything we read and every conversation we have.

It would be very hard to come into every conversation completely blank and start from there. Thus, we all have ways of sorting through everything we hear to simplify.

The result is that none of us is objective or even open in any way that would be near absolute.

Thus the value of teams is critical. Good teams where all the voices are heard are hard to find. When all the voices are heard, we can overcome our own subjectivity. Living in China we can get even more perspective on any issue.

We need people who can question us and who are different than us but carry the same values.  The most refined ideas often come through fierce conflict, but this requires everyone to be safe enough to enter in with all they have. Some of us recall Groupthink.  We as leaders need to open up to hear voices that we do not like and then know when to make the decision. We need to hear more as we are all subjuective, and that leads to irrational decision making.  Good Decision making requires enough self awareness and openness to get past our blinders.

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