Bullets, Cannon Balls and Fire For Effect

I recently read Great By Choice by Jim Collins and Morten Hansen. It is an excellent book as we know all Jim’s research books are.

He talks about how companies succeed by firing bullets and then cannon balls.  I refer to adjusting fire (AF) and firing for effect (FFE) in the same vein.

I think, and likely Jim does to,  that we need to do experiments that are as much like actual as possible. As an artillery guy, I know bullets could not and never were used for adjusting fire as they are not enough alike and impossible to get data from.

So let’s experiment in real ways and get excellent data as Fire Support Officers do in the Artillery. We can do this regardless of whether you want to say you fire bullets or adjust fire with one cannon and then fire for effect with all guns.

Let’s all experiment and check more empirically, so we can fire for effect more compellingly.


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