How Can I Get Better Teamwork in my China Business?

better teamworkBetter teamwork and the possibility of better China teamwork is highly dependent on the kind of people you hire.

I shake my head when leaders plan team training for their company and do not attend or simply are on the sideline.

Lets talk about making a good cake. We can focus on getting all the right ingredients in the right quantities, but if we use milk with melamine we cannot get the best cake made as our ingredients are both bad tasting and unhealthy.

First Step to Better China Teamwork

So if you hire talent and don’t have the base to judge integrity, then you are hiring 72% people who deceived you to get the job. They have the wrong character and all the team training will not change that especially if the top leaders are like that. Your raw material is your hiring. It is critical and much more complex than buying a widget of the right dimensions and material as both can be tested easily. People are much more complicated and not as easily ‘tested’.

You need talent and character. Great talent with no character means you have hired talented politicians and see how they get along. You will not not change politicians with training. Politicians never want to let people know they are wrong or weak. How then can honesty bloom?

So first step is getting people of talent who want to do real work and say real things to their coworkers and bosses.   People of character are super valuable and more than just in teamwork. Come contact us and learn more.

Then we can talk training to get them to work together better. We can help you there too actually, but we are ready to help you with step one work first. That is the critical step, and it will help you with a lot more than teamwork. See also In China Teamwork Matters More Than We Think.

Make your team ingredients better. Find out who is the melamine. Grab opportunities to add some very good ingredients and especially in top management.


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