Change Management – Sequence of Change Matters

There is a slightly awkward acronym that helps me think about change process, (ADKAR). Read here to get the read from The Change Management Learning Center who developed the model.

Let me explain it here.  The sequence is important.

A – Awareness  (my company is going to implement ERP)

D – Desire (this is useful and I want top learn to use it)

K – Knowledge (I need and want information so I can)

A – Ability (I also need practice to get the knack)

R – Reinforcement (establishing a new habit is not easy for anyone)

I see companies fail in various industries and projects by not paying enough attention to Desire at the right time.

They announce a program and start loading in training and practicals before people have any buy in.  The common result is development of passive resistance. People may not consciously choose to fight you or they might….but resistance develops within them and the training cannot be successful nor the practical use that tumbles in behind.

It does not have to be that way. Pay attention to desire at the right time and instead of wasting time, you can make more efficient progress in anything you want to improve in your organization.


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