Conversation Is a Key To Great Leadership Part I

HBR Idea Cast has a great podcast up for anyone who wants to increase performance.   The podcast is called How Effective Leaders Talk.  They were interviewing the authors of Talk, Inc. They view business as a series of conversations and from that gained good insights.

They saw that performance increases when engagement increases.  So true in my experience.

What first caught my attention was they said that intimacy is needed   They said that includes more face time, but emphasizes intimacy in spirit.

How would your business change if you sought intimacy in soulness with your employees?

That would get to the heart of everything, and how would that be?

Intimacy requires being open and seeking all that our employees have to say regarding the business.   That takes time that many of us think  we do not have. However, fire fighting is a big reason we do not have time.   What causes the need for fire fighting?

Intimacy is much more urgent than you might think.  It carries the seeds of improved performance.


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