Creativity- Not One Size Fits All

The New York times had an article up on the new Groupthink.  Take a look at the article for their read on this here. They noted how everyone working in the bowl and few if any private offices is very popular. I love that. I like the natural accountability it provides me and the team and how it is empowering as we are all in it together. I also get more ideas when I can bounce around thoughts. I grab someone and go to a meeting room.

My nephew is an audio specialist whose job is to create music for movies and games. He hates being in the bowl and finds it dries up his creativity. He will walk away and go to a window and stair out the window for 30 minutes at a time.  His coworkers feel he is being lazy and taking overly long breaks.

They have not grasped that his musical ideas come from those times alone. Introverts are people who get more ideas when they are alone, and extroverts get more ideas when they are with people.  He is distinctly introverted and develops few ideas during a meeting, but many ideas develop when he is alone after the meeting.

A one size fits all method to encourage teams has held back many on their team as introverts are 50% of the populous.


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