Customer Service China Needs Teamwork

customer service China needs TeamworkThis site was down for about 6 hours yesterday, Sorry about that.  Arm wrestling with a hosting company reminded me so much of customer service issues worldwide and certainly in China. I know from experience that customer service China needs teamwork.

You can train people answering the phone or live chat to have a helpful attitude. However, one person at a phone is not customer service.

The links between customer service and other departments must be intimate.  Furthermore. you best arrange your organization to serve whoever is touching a customer.

Customer Service China Needs Teamwork To Make It Run

The gap is often here.  Companies train Customer Service people, but they do not train the rest of the company to serve customer service. This is especially true of the CEO and the accountants.  The whole company must be a team. Otherwise, customers will make friends with your customer service person and hate and leave your company and it products. Sales people have the same problem. They touch customers and need a whole company behind them. Instead, the boss and everyone puts pressure on them to produce, so they are pushed from both sides, customers and the company. See also Customer Service Recruiting China.

You can do better, but it takes a wholistic approach to go up the ladder in customer service and sales.  However, few other departments or leaders are willing to humble themselves in this way.

We ocassionally do Five Disfunctions of a Team Facilitating for our Customers as even excellent recruiting benefits from top notch team development. You need the right hires all around a company to get great teamwork to make customer service hum. No one person at the phone can solve this and make all well over the long term. See also How Do I Get Better Teamwork in my China Business?

The benefits of customer service done well can be seen in customer statisfaction surveys, but it primarily is seen in much improved ROI.   Let’s go get this extra strength for our company work in China.


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