Delegation-Part II

Delegation is a primary act of any leader. I mentioned getting the right people to delegate to in a recent post. Here I want to note that many leaders fail to understand that they can and must delegate authority, but can never pass on responsibility.  By giving authority to people under you, you gain a few good things. 1. You step more out of doing so you have time to plan for, support, and coach workers.  2. You develop the strength of your team. 3. You give people more passion and loyalty for working with you.

When your subordinate fails, you are still responsible and cannot pass responsibility away from yourself without making your workers hate you. And top leaders will also likely see your failure to take responsibility.  No one wants subordinate leaders who like to make excuses.   Neither do workers or customers.

Delegating and taking responsibility are hallmarks of all good leaders.  It takes courage, but take these steps all the time.

What are you seeing?  Have anything to add?

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