Do You Believe?

First I want to say thank you for staying with this blog. I would lose steam if I was just writing to the wind.

Happy Birthday China Business Leadership Blog!


You are now 1 year old as of December 12. Do go look at the first entry back on 12 Dec 2010.

So faith will take us a long way, but it is best to have faith in something that is real. One real truth we as leaders often forget is how much the other person already knows or has within them. Bosses, workers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are not just empty cups. They have their own thoughts and potential. When you talk to them, do you believe that?

Our basic attitude will determine how we talk to that person. It will drive every interaction. Great leaders have the whole world as their classroom and are always learning. Weak leaders are just filled with themselves. Often they are just proving themselves when they talk. They fail to build leaders around them because they do not want to or because they do not believe others have genius as well. The good news is that each person is a genius in their own way, and it can bring value to the leader if he or she has eyes to see it.

That is also the attitude of good coaches. Good leaders are usually good coaches. It builds the organization and gets more out of each person.

Give it a try:  Believe.  And I will do the same.

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