Do You Want To Be Popular? Think Again

My last post talked about making your workers feel like the hero’s that they are.  Today, I want to talk about one ditch called the desire to be popular.

As leaders, we want our workers to like us, but we must not make being popular our goal.   I like to think that I am a friend of those who are on line with the values and vision and an enemy of those who are on another path in the company.

So clearly there are some people who you will not be popular with you until you let them go.   However, even among the right people you will have to decide in unpopular ways at times.   You cannot lead by consensus.  You should not even lead by majority rules.   You should let the most qualified person make the call and sometimes that will be you. Make it and do not let popularity being your guiding force.  Many leaders do this without even thinking about it, and it is not the way for us to run our companies.

What do you think?

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