First Day – An Opportunty

We should not overlook the first day of work for new workers. It is a good chance to inspire. Tell them of the history of the company. Inform them of the purpose and make sure they understand their part in that.  Make sure you introduce them to everyone possible.  I recommend we do not leave them alone unnecessarily on that first day. The first line manager for them should plan a lot of time with them. Most companies will tell them what to do. Most do not tell them how to succeed and what is important.

Workers come to work the first day hoping to make an impact. We as leaders need to give them direction to spend that energy to make that impact. And we need to give them the passion to go there. It is a double win for the company. The worker does something valuable early on, and they gain passion for the road ahead.

The first day can get you a lot. First impressions are useful, so put energy there.

Conversely, many workers get ignored the first day. No one introduces then around, and they even do not know where to get lunch. They can lose their starting energy by the end of the first day. They are starting to just work for money, and that is a shame. Let’s work on our system to make sure each worker has a memorable first day.

What do you think? Anything to comment?

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