Giving Teams the Best Possible Shot

I want to tell you about a well researched book on teams. Leading Teams: Setting the Stage for Great Performances.

It is written by J. Richard Hackman of Harvard who is a leading voice and researcher on teams.  His research found that you can make the most effective team by having:

  1. a real team
  2. a compelling direction
  3. an enabling team structure
  4. a supportive organizational context
  5. and the availability of competent coaching

He notes that this platform and support makes teams the most likely to succeed based on his broad research.  Naturally, when we form a subordinate team, we all hope they succeed.   However, we often do not give them what they need to succeed.  Perhaps it is because we did not know or doubted what we should do. Hackman gives us the recipe in a fine and readable book.  You can get it by clicking above.


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