Hire Force Multipliers – Especially in China

Hire Force Multipliers – Especially in China

Those of you who have followed me through 600 some blogs know that I often blog on why not to follow Forbes articles on leadership. Today, I will say Brent Gleeson found us 10 good thoughts.  To summarize his thoughts: Hire Force Multipliers

I went to college at West Point, served in leadership in the Army and then led factories, consulting companies and service organizations. I also followed a lot of bad leaders and a few gems. In fact, the gems are not many in this world of business.

I guess we all agree that you need everyone you hire to be a leader.  Leaders are force multipliers, or they are not what you need.  They force multiply by first getting everyone to bring their heart to work each day. They get people to want to follow.  Second, they break down the barriers, so the team is a real team and not just one in name.

Furthermore, they drive the team to serve the company and are not afraid to hire geniuses. This gap is super common among Chinese leaders, and you must make sure to keep them out. You do not know how much we enjoy discovering and keeping those people out.  See China Hiringhire force multipliers

The article says they must be humble, and I agree. Let me add that teachability is the hallmark of the humble. They have drive, but they also are open to new data and even seeking it out. They are always learning and not just stubborn.   In a 100-person factory, the great leader is getting the data from all 100 and from stakeholders all around.

Hire Force Multipliers – They Are Worth Their Weight

I once turned around a failed project and sent volume production abroad 101 days later. I did this though I did not know the technology, the city, or the company before I started.   How did I do it? I gained the trust of the workers both high and low.  I gathered data from all corners and with that found a way to push forward. A mis-aligned dysfunctional team stood up and blasted all the barriers away in 101 days because I drew out and directed their genius. That is leadership. That team was dysfunctional because of a smart self-protective leader by the way.

Is force multiplying not what real leaders do? They also may have functional responsibilities, but the role of a leader is to make everyone and the team more valuable.  You may want to read Excellent Executive Search.

The right leader blows down barriers and never says: “This is China”.

Do go see the Forbes article and think twice on how to avoid people who will make themselves great while dis-empowering everyone else.


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