How To Be Prepared

I want to explain a minute about how to be prepared.  Here is some thought on how to improve on doing the non-urgent but important things in your business or even your life.

  1. Keep a list of non-urgent important things.  Use technology to help you and get assistance as needed. The non-urgent tend to pop up in a fire fight and you have no time to focus then. Make a note in some way and come back to all of them monthly on the 15th of the month or some such way.
  2. Make priorities.  Doing this blog will not earn any money for my business today, but it will bring value to others and could help me in the future. I choose to make it a priority. I put it in my schedule every day, and it gets done.
  3. A stitch in time saves nine.  Give resources immediately to non-urgent things when possible as getting them early is so much easier.

What others do you have?

Almost all businesses can fire fight well enough. Great businesses are great at all the important things including the non-urgent.

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