How Your Company Grows (Follow on From How China Grows)

Your company grows in the same way China grows.  China grows when its people increase their overall output by getting to work and getting to work more efficiently. I see 6 common levels

1.  I see companies with low hanging fruit as people sit around a great deal of every day whether in the floor or in the office.

2.  People are working but with no heart. They are just there to get paid.

3.  People are working with heart, but little ownership

4.  Ownership exists but little alignment, so people are often pulling against each other to equal near zero in forward movement.

5.  Alignment is pretty good, but the collaboration is weak.  Silo’s is an oft used term.

6.  We are reaching high and there is still a lot of work to stay high as the factors that get us here can be lost through neglect.

These levels are not always in this sequence but often are.


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