Introduction to 30 Best Practices To Be and Do As a Leader

I started organizing my thoughts on leadership back in 2004. I want to publish them here and will over the next 6 work days starting next Monday.They are not theory for me but practice, and I see what they do for the leaders around me.

Some people see “Be” and back off. Seems they feel “Be” is abstract or too deep.  I surely have found that becoming a better person and leader means some valuable work in the area of “Be’  like Maxwell noted in his 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.  However, we need Do too,  and so they are together.

Most leaders will find that they naturally have covered 20 or more of these issues and only need to add effort at certain points that are natural gaps for them. I hope you will read them that way and not read them for others.

It is the gaps where we often get hurt. We cannot pass off core leadership issues to others. You may see that you can have help from your team and co-workers but these 30 belong to us and cannot be ferried out.

I see these Best Practices like a puzzle. Each piece is different and has different aspects, and missing any one hurts the whole.

I know my own weaknesses on these thirty and do work on them. Hopefully you will find how to improve through these as well.

So Get Ready for SHI Group’s 30 Best Practices to Do and Be As a Leader next Monday.

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