Is Humility a Problem For a Leader?

It really depends on how you define humility.

If humility is meant to be low self esteem, we could say it is bad for a leader to carry low self esteem. This would be a bad humility.

However, if a leader is filled with himself and his importance, we know this is not the model any of us would want. It demeans the team while lifting up only one. This is off base.

Humility can be understood to mean one who sees clearly his or her own failings and inabilities. That person would also see their own true strengths. They are comfortable with their own skin. They can confess error. It does not destroy them.

These people readily give credit to others for that which works. However, they are not afraid to accept responsibility for their subordinates’ failure. These are great leaders. This is the humility we want. It builds businesses.

Some of you may have noted this startling research finding in Good to Great. I can say that I have seen these leaders and know their value. They are a hard to understand combination of weakness and strength.

Find and develop these people, and your business will benefit in great ways. We specialize in finding them in Greater China.


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