Leadership and Objectivity Follow Up

This is just a funny extra on how we see ourselves as leaders.  This is from the CEO Global Network Blog.

The higher we move up the organizational ladder, the more our employees let us know how wonderful we are! Our behaviour is often followed by positive reinforcement, even when this behaviour makes absolutely no sense. One night over dinner, I listened as a very wise military leader shared his learnings from years of experience with an eager, newly-minted General, “Recently, have you started to notice that when you tell jokes, everyone erupts into laughter – and that when you say something ‘wise’ everyone nods their heads in solemn agreement? The new General replied, “Why, yes, I have.” The older General laughed and continued, “Let me help you. You aren’t that funny, and you aren’t that smart! It’s only that star on your shoulder. Don’t ever let it go to your head.”

We all want to hear what we want to hear. We want to believe those great things that the world is telling us about ourselves. Our belief in ourselves helps us become successful. It can also make it very hard for us to change. As the wise older General noted – we aren’t really that funny, and we aren’t really that smart. We can all get better – if we are willing to take a hard look at ourselves

You can look at the whole blog and even a series in this vein at CEO Global Network Blog It is worth the time.


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