Let Us Show Respect to Integrity

respect to integrityIntegrity gets thrown around a lot and apparently is important. Some leaders tell me it is important and a must and yet they do nothing to assure it. They just hope or assume it is there. We need to show more respect to integrity.

See Why We Need to Show Real Respect to Integrity

We were recruiting for a successful US technology company where the top leadership strongly supports our Premium Recruiting model. We did not have an exclusive.

We have been talking to one candidate for a few weeks, and she had already done first round interviews.

Suddenly she got the call from another Western Recruiter saying they were the exclusive recruiter of this technology company.  He further told her he was close friends with the top leadership and gave some inside information to try to convince her to give her resume to them.

She was shaken and called us. We told her that was nonsense, and she stayed in the process.

This same recruiter then called another person with the same story who then called us.  What had happened was the HR Manager at the technology company was trying to show how great he was, so he deceived the recruiter. The candidate later refused their offer as felt the technology company was untrustworthy. Surely the HR Manager was untrustworthy.  We understand why this honest hard working candidate shied away from this opportunity.  The best often walk away and leave the hard core liars behind as the best are not political and hate the politics.

It is time to give respect to integrity.  When you recruit people without checking their integrity effectively, you end up with a mish-mash. Some few are honest, and some are always lying, and others lie when they find it convenient.

It all makes it harder for you to succeed as a business when you cannot get the real data and cannot know who is manipulating you and when. The loss of traction is astounding in this common politics filled situation. When you focus on integrity when you look at your team, and when you take time to focus on integrity when you recruit, you will start to trust the right people in China.


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