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David Guerra has been putting up good material lately at the Servant Leadership Group at LinkedIn. Take a look at what he posted recently here

He posted the link to a New York times article of a Goldman Sachs  leader’s critique of this company he just quit in disgust.

The article and even the comments are worth some thought.

I admit to see that the tyranny of the urgent dominates too many companies.  The not urgent but important issues are pushed aside again and again.

And shareholder short term value is put ahead of long term growth. I once resigned from a company that was making money by tricking naive companies into investments with us that they could not easily escape.

Line workers often think short term, but we as leaders and business owners must think better than that.

We can get paid and make money by thinking more long term. Or we should find a company where that is true.

Leadership is about thinking long term.  Leadership is about taking actions today that build a better tomorrow.

We help clients even if it makes us less money today.  We care for workers even if the use of time does not seem efficient in the eyes of some financial thinker.

Great Leadership seeks results today and makes things happen, but always has it eyes on using the moment to build a better tomorrow.

When you and your people here in China are thinking that way, you can build a great company.   Emphasize the long term in your life and in the lives of your workers. Do it by actions one day at a time.   You can put workers first to give them the energy to put customers first. It can be done.

Lets all go there

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