Are We Making a Difference? Let’s Make 2017 Something More

Are We Making a Difference? Let’s Make 2017 Something More

What makes you happy about what you did in 2016? What can we aim for in 2017?

My teenage daughter and my dear wife told me I have become a better Dad and Husband in the last year. That tops 40% growth in my company in 2016. 

I am writing this blog which is a business platform, and a lot of our day is spent at work, but we must be more than work machines. We must care about those close to us and about those who have no voice. I spend time each weekend helping migrant families in my Chinese city become better families. I know personally that the other members of my team have similar things to smile about. These things also better than the 40% growth in business.

I plan to keep improving as a man in my family and my community. How about you? How about your business? 

Market – What gives you passion? If it is earning money? Then go look in the mirror and know you are the problem and not anyone else. We recruit Trustworthy Talent®. We get energized knowing that the great leaders we place make the hard working guy in the cubicle or on the shop floor smile. We work for them. We also love finding the gold inside some leader that everyone has overlooked and giving them good work at a place people can appreciate them. What is your passion? Build that in 2017. Find the channels and people who will catch fire with what you do.  

People – Are you getting A players consistently? If not, do you know why not? Do you know the power of putting great people together? Are you ready to invest in getting the right people in 2017? Are you ready to make the person in that cubicle and on that shop floor smile and be able to smile with them building the business?

Capital – You know that you have to always keep the lights on and only cash will make that happen. Sometimes, you need to go out and raise money to solve some problem. I had to make a bigger investment in my marketing to get us over the hump and not just muddle along. I needed to get a top flight hire to take us to the next level. I needed to bring in the money to go there and get it done. This year I am working on building a better rainy day fund after I give a bonus to my hard working team. How about you?

Technology – What is your secret sauce? This is related to what gives you fire in Market above and that you have found a way to deliver like no one else. You have the features or the service that is the best in your niche. Be the best and reach higher week by week this year. Get rid of the rest.

Then we will be able to make more people smile this year doing what we do best. Let’s make 2017 something more. Happy New Year from SHI Group

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