Meetings Can Be a Time To Look Forward To – a follow up

There are lots of different kinds of meetings and the right leader knows how to get engagement in each.

Yesterday Ericka Andersen and I raised the idea of an agenda before the meeting.  This also can queue people as to what they need to prepare or bring if needed.  It also prepares them psychologically so they can engage.  Strategic thinking takes a different mindset than tactical adjustments for example.

Ideally meeting participants are encouraged to submit items and do submit items before meetings occur.  This rarely happens without clear and consistent emphasis.   It brings issues important to the team to the table.

Conflict should be sought. People sullenly accepting does not lead to passion or engagement. If conflict exists silently, then draw it out to resolve.  Getting then to speak out their thoughts and welcoming those thoughts is a good path to engagement. It can also save us from getting egg on our face because of something we did not know

Any more to add?

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