Meetings Can Be a Time To Look Forward To

Hope the Americans among us all had a nice Independence Day.

Erika Anderson at Forbes has a nice article up on having meetings that are not boring.  Take a look here.

She has three points.

We don’t understand the importance of the ‘who.”

She means that topics should be relevant to all participants or done elsewhere.

We don’t understand the importance of the ‘why.’

She is noting that failure to have a clear agenda before the meeting is epidemic and costly.

We don’t understand the importance of the ‘what’s next.’

She says that people make commitments and no one follows up. This takes discipline but it makes the meetings into high impact events.

There is really no difficult science here. None of us are incapable of doing good meetings.  It takes effort, but it has rewards.   If we give them some focus, we will reap rewards.

Finally today, additionally to what she said, the first 60 seconds of a meeting are critical.  Start with energy and clarity so people can feel the importance of what will happen.


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