No Company is Perfect, But How About Excellent?

I wanted to note that some of us have a very sharp eye for what is wrong.  This can be very valuable. That dissatisfaction can lead toward Six Sigma performance in quality for example.  (Six Sigma is considered 3.4 defects per million)

No one is going to reach zero defects per 10 million at this point. Actually, no one I know of is even 3.4 defects per million over the long term now.  We all have some place to reach.

So we as leaders need to carry dissatisfaction and push to reach higher while still helping workers know how far they have come.  I try to keep people around who will tell me I am wrong.  I need to know my jokes are not that funny. Really, sometimes those negative people are really too negative, and you need to tone them down or let them go.  However, that dissatisfaction with things is valuable if you can bear it or bring it to the table yourself.

So celebrate progress, and celebrate bringing to light another place that can be made better. Let’s not become complacent, but reach higher and celebrate all along the way.

Finally, Did you know that precious few have any practical success along the Six Sigma or Lean road?   For good Chinese companies the question is not, “What are recent adjustments to your control plan?, but rather, “Do you have a written control plan?”

Anything to add or be dissatisfied with?

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