Our Ears are More Valuable Than We Imagine

Here is the first paragraph of a fine post by the Procurement Leaders:

Perhaps the least appreciated, but among the most important tools procurement executives can have are their ears. That’s because listening to others in the organization – particularly the individual business stakeholders – is the first and most critical step in understanding corporate culture and aligning procurement’s culture with it.

My organization thrives on this and you can too.  Listening and understanding cultural issues to gain alignment within your organizations and in your sourcing and other stakeholders is critical.

A belief that everyone has something to teach us is valuable to support this.  So is the ability to create safety so people want to talk.  Then being an active listener is our next tool.  I think we can all gain by reviewing and emphasizing how important it is.

Being a good listener is key to being a great leader. None of us has all the answers.


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