Out of Groupthink To Good Process

Good process taken from Groupthink by Janis which I recommend.

  1. Thoroughly canvass a wide range of alternatives
  2. Survey the objectives and the values implicated
  3. Carefully weigh the costs, drawbacks and subtle risks of negative consequences as well as the positive consequences in the most promising courses of action
  4. Continuously search for relevant information for evaluating policy alternatives
  5. Conscientiously took account of the information and expert judgments they were exposed, even when the information did not support the initial course of action they initially preferred
  6. Reexamine the positive and negative consequences of all main alternatives including those originally considered unacceptable, before making a final choice
  7. Make detailed provisions for executing the chosen course of action, with special attention to contingency plans that might be required if various known risks were to materialize

One of their examples is: In thirteen days Kennedy’s team, discovered the Cuban Missiles and got the Soviets to take them out. The process was not drawn out but was excellent.

If you do not have a cohesive team, then do this.  However, if you do have a cohesive and potentially proud team, then do this process more faithfully.

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