What Bosses Need

 Bosses need and expect a lot. 

  • Finance clarity
  • Transparency
  • Ability to consistently turn ideas into profit
  • That you can give  boss confidence that his interests are being cared for
  • Efficient use of words
  • Make understanding easy for boss to achieve
  • Understand how to give respect and deference

And these are just to name a few.

I would also remind everyone that you should not expect to have a boss as good as yourself.  You should be a great leader, but do not expect to work for one.  They are hard to find.  Whether your boss is good or bad, you owe him or her a great deal for giving you the chance to lead at any level.   Being in China means you need to do most or all or these to stay here long term in your job.   Next blog I will touch on the customer. 


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