Who is Most Deceptive in Your Organization? Part I

In most cases, the answer is you, for you are deceiving yourself.

As people, none of us plans to be the bad guy. Others are the bad guy. We would change if we knew we were the bad guy. However, a lot of bad things happen in business as we all know.  Most of the people who do bad things that we see do not consider them bad, or they would not have done them.

Further, there is a lot of unhappiness in business. I mentioned the other day that 7 in 10 Americans are checking their heart at the door before entering their place of business. China is at least that bad, and no one thinks they are the bad guy.

Some people do things, and they say they had no other choice. Some people call it complexity, and we are urged to get used to it.

Learning organizational complexity means people are doing bad things, and those people have power, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Is it possible, that I am wearing the white hat and almost everyone else, especially above me, is wearing the black hat?

I saw a leadership training the other day, and everyone from the company attended except the leader. And he does not think he is wearing a black hat you know.  I had one tell me he feels a lot of satisfaction from giving so many people productive work for example.

We are deceiving ourselves if we are not self aware enough to realize that we are part of the problem and need oversight to defend all against our personal blind spots.  If there is nothing new to learn about ourselves, then we are further deceived.

You also might look at a post I placed last year on this topic of self deception.

This is not an esoteric question. It is at the core of our biggest challenges in any business and can be defeated.

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