You Are The Key To Lower Level Worker Teamwork

“We need teamwork training for the junior leaders.” We smiled and said we would not do that. My start up consulting business sorely needed business, but I spoke. “Lower level leaders really want to work well with their co-workers. They are not the problem. They are only the symptom. The real disease is that the top leaders have small gaps in their cooperation that turn into large gaps farther down. If you want us do team training for the top leader and his team, we will.”

The HR manager said nothing. The HR manager had never thought of that before we spoke. After some thought, he knew we were right and maintained contact, but he could never convince his leaders. Actually, he never openly talked about it with them.

There are so many companies just like that where company leaders hate the bickering below but are unwilling to see that they themselves are, unwittingly, the cause.

We, as leaders, need to do some root cause analysis on our own company problems. We need to look carefully to find places where we might be the cause. Because if we are the cause, we have great hope. We can always change ourselves and build a better team.

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