Getting Burned-Suppliers

This is the start of a series on Getting Burned and what we can learn from it.

I was doing up fitting at my facility a while back and my new epoxy floor was cracking.

A five why analysis can help here. Why did the floor crack?

1  moisture in the cement
2  not enough time between flattening the floor and putting on the epoxy coat
3  the supplier had not planned enough time
4  the supplier feared we would cancel the project if she told us the time was not enough
5  the supplier was not willing to risk her short term gain for our benefit

If your supplier is committed to being open and transparent with risks, then the cracked floor does not blind side you.

Core data often is finding a supplier who can be open with you, so you can be aware. Having a supplier with great experience can often mean he can hide his weakness better.

So we certainly need ability, but character should be central in our thinking to do better here.


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