How Employment Candidates Write Resumes

How Employment Candidates Write Resumes

Resumes are super important to candidates. If you are an owner or other hiring manager, you should know how employment candidates write resumes. Tayyiba Iram wrote a LinkedIn post on THINGS YOU SHOULD REMOVE FROM YOUR RESUME IMMEDIATELY. 30,000 plus people liked. She is definitely worth reading. What she writes also tells the state of things. One piece of advice is “You should especially avoid including jobs you were let go from or didn’t like.” You will not know what these guys cannot do or how they failed if they follow her advice and cover up whole jobs they did not like or do well in. You will hire whoever is the best actor.  

Note her point number 7:

7. Blatant lies

CareerBuilder survey asked 2,000 hiring managers for memorable resume mistakes, and blatant lies were a popular choice. One candidate claimed to be the former CEO of the company to which he was applying, another claimed to be a Nobel Prize winner, and one more claimed he attended a college that didn’t exist.”

How Candidates Write Resumes – To Make it Hard For You

According to this dominant resume thinking. Lie like mad, but don’t be stupid. Do be super obvious, but keep lying.  and Don’t Get Caught!

So things are not easy for Hiring Managers or Owners either. 

How Employment Candidates Write ResumesI have been there over 20 years of Managing and Owning. We mst stop hiring managers who have beautiful resumes and sweet English anymore. The dominant thinking is to lie like mad and make real experience go away and Don’t Get Caught.

They will be skilled at Don’t Get Caught when they work for you. 

It may be years before you can see and get them out of your organization.  They were not good at working, but they were sure good at playing Don’t Get Caught. Can you see them now? Would you know the difference? You may also like China Recruiting: Difficulties and Strengths

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