Nelson Mandela – A Leader to Remember For Us All

Nelson Mandela Quotes

Nelson Mandela is a great man. He has passed away, but may his dream live on and grow.

His resume is also a lesson to all of us.

What were his qualifications to be President of South Africa?  Progressive experience in consistently higher levels of authority?

President Mandela’s resume said 27 years mining lime in a quarry.

Yet, he was a great President and then great Statesmen. Where will they get another like him?

The picture and other quotes from Nelson Mandela can be found here

Regular readers know I hate resume focused hiring. Where would we get Nelson Mandela by that means?  What made him great?  The amount of lime he moved?  Who he was is great.  His greatness was found in his heart and not on any resume.

Nelson Mandela Was Great On The Inside

Listen to what he says:

“As I have said, the first thing is to be honest with yourself. You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself”

So true.  See other quote here.  He knew the essence of leadership. If we want to be great leaders, then we need to mine some lime. The heavy lifting is looking in our hearts and rooting out evil inside ourselves.  We can be better but we need to look inside and look inside often.

Then we will not be just skillful leaders that cannot move the hearts of our people. Then we can be real people with mistakes and weaknesses, and who can move those we lead to great deeds.

Let us not manipulate the people we lead, but inspire them with Faith, Hope and Love.

On the picture, Nelson Mandela notes that little children are not born racist.  So true. On this blog I seek always to help us all see that all Chinese people are not one way. Just as all Americans are not one way.  Great leaders can have faith on, Hope in, and Love for each person they encounter. However, that can only come in the lime quarry of our hearts.

God Bless South Africa, May we all learn from one of her greatest men.


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