china dispatch employee dedicated workerWhat is a China Dispatch Employee ?

Having a China dispatch employee involves signing a contract with SHI Group to have us assist you in China, including employing and potentially overseeing full-time workers. You interview and approve the workers to be dedicated full time to work with your company while being signed contractually to SHI Group in China. We use our Accuhire® China recruiting process to find and manage all legal work and pay requirements and can provide local oversight and a professional work environment.


A Successful China Dispatch Worker Starts With Recruiting

SHI Group China’s recruitment process outsourcing methodology is just the first step. After the hire, SHI Group’s experience in leadership, coaching, and understanding and relating to employees differentiates our services.

China Dispatch Worker Examples

  • Design Engineers
  • Purchasing Officers
  • Sales Managers
  • Distributor Management Managers
  • Service Technicians
  • Market Research Engineers
  • Government Relations Sales People
china dispatch employee dedicated worker

Registered Entity

  • In China, it is illegal to hire someone without a legally registered entity in China.
  • Your business does not need to go through the lengthy and costly process of setting up a Rep Office or WOFE. Each of these legal entities have requirements that are difficult to navigate.
  • SHI Group becomes your legally registered entity in China providing everything your business needs to operate in China, including:
    • Administrative & Sales support
    • Recruiting quality workers
    • R&D equipment sourcing
    • Oversight of your employees
    • Providing office space
    • IP Protection

Deeper Examples of a China Dispatch Employee


Expand your business with your own person on the ground for business development. This person is a critical part of your growing team that will expand your business in China. All of their contacts are yours and not lost if you were to simply hire a 3rd party distributor.

Research & Development

Chinese engineering is some of the best in the world and very cost effective for Western companies. R&D in China also provides the benefits of adapting your products for the Chinese market.


With more purchases of Western equipment in China, companies need service personnel on-site. Strategically place equipment servicing technicians in China to grow your business.


Managing from America can be extremely challenging. As the complexity of your sourcing operation grows, having an in-China sourcing/quality expert in the same time zone is invaluable. SHI Group can assist with hiring a dedicated sourcing expert for your business in China.

Market Research

Get the insights your business needs by having your own market researcher on the ground in China that will help your business grow. This person is not a consultant doing research, but a crucial team member who is gathering company-owned information.