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shi group headhunter china beijing shanghai recruiting china market entryAt SHI Group China, process reliability in executive search under Chinese conditions, deep knowledge of China market entry and expansion, and the ability to understand and assess candidates are basis of our strength. The impact of a key executive hire on an organization’s fortunes can be immense. Equally the cost of unsuccessful recruitment can be severe. Profitability both plummets and soars on the basis of significant executive changes at top level. So an investment in a professional approach to senior executive recruiting makes very good sense and is increasingly employed in organizations around the world.

The process of executive search involves methodical analysis, planning and research, in order to develop target lists of candidates who represent the best executive talent worldwide for a particular position. Working with our selected candidates, we pilot your company through the Chinese market. With our experience and our Know-How about the market, you will save detours and achieve more quickly your goals as you undergo China market entry or simply a change of the guard.

Our team at SHI Group China can tell clients facts related to China executive search related issues which they did not know before. We can tell client companies which type of candidate they need and can predict the challenges to win and integrate such candidates for the long term. Because we know mentalities, value systems, thought patterns and the real situation of local Chinese and Expatriates in China, we observe the consequences in search assignments. We can evaluate statements and motivations of local Chinese and expatriate candidates. Our team can also tell our clients how local and expatriate candidates perceive their company in China and which critical factors arise from this. At SHI Group China, we watch the development of cultural trends in the workplace and know market trends in China. We watch how the competitive advantages of foreign and domestic companies in China change. From implementation of search assignments all over the country we know the different situation in the Chinese regions and the consequences for the search of candidates as they perform China market entry or expansion.  We are also very aware that 80% of top management applying for work in China are lying to get the job. We filter them out as part of our service.

China Market Entry

shi group china recruitment agency recruiter beijing recruiters shanghai china market entryFinding talent is never simple, and finding managers to lead and drive operations is an even bigger challenge, especially if the target market for operations is not within your group’s main country. Lacking connections and network or credibility, an understanding of local culture and hiring practices, communication challenges, or even lacking a home base from which to do recruiting; all of these can be major inhibitions in entering a foreign market. China market entry can be even more challenging, considering the country’s very different culture and unique policies. For all your search challenges, SHI Group China is ready to support, and this includes executive search in China. Let us put our expertise to use for your search for leadership.

Whether it is knowledge and experience in the field and expertise in the local market, network and connections needed to advance the search, training and professionalism of recruiting staff, or dedication in integrity to serve clients and potential hires, our group has the skills, resources, and proven ability to meet your recruiting needs including as an executive search company in China. Count on us to find and bring the people, the leaders to drive the organization, to pilot the teams you need to build in order to accomplish your goals with your China market entry.

China is an exciting, expansive, yet complex market with challenges to go along with all of its great potential. With over a billion citizens and over 500 million internet users, China is a market rich with trade and consumption potential, but also a huge pool of potential talent for work in any organization. We have the tools to navigate it for you. To find an executive staff with the skills, integrity, and communication abilities needed to develop your business, take charge of internal projects, and lead your business into successful China market entry, allow SHI Group China to become your premier executive search team of headhunters and executive recruiters.

Recruiting China

shi group china recruiting executive search recruitmentWith in-depth knowledge and experience of local and global practices, laws and labor markets, SHI Group China understands what it takes to grow businesses here in China. We are able to support our clients throughout the entire process and our targeted searches find only the best talent with an experienced track record of success with recruiting China. Core to the success of the business is an outstanding research team wholly developed in-house with bright, charismatic, articulate and committed researchers. We see our strength, uniqueness and difference being our passion, teamwork, collegiality, commitment and culture. Our clients enjoy working with us, and genuinely feel they gain outstanding talent that makes a difference to their organization.

From initial executive search strategy formulation through to successful appointment, we deliver tangible results for recruiting China. We have outstanding global reach to an international talent base and deep China expertise delivered through sector specific practices with consultant’s expert in their fields. Our ability to deliver diverse shortlists through a wide ranging candidate network and our refreshing approach to business, explains why clients choose to work with us on a long-term basis. Whether a company is looking to introduce a new Country Manager, replacing a key executive, or bringing in fresh talent for a major transformation program, SHI Group China’s experience, reach and expertise will support them to build an honest politics free world-class leadership team.

We are able to react quickly to our clients’ requirements, providing insight into local China market dynamics whilst drawing on our global resources, to ensure the best and most proficient approach is utilized in order to deliver exceptional results for the business. At SHI Group, we specialize in search, recruiting China, and the deep filtering of the outstanding executives of today, and senior managers who will become the visionary leaders of tomorrow.