China Supply Chain Management Headhunters

shi group china supply chain management headhunters recruiter scm recruitmentSHI Group has deep experience in procurement as China supply chain management headhunters, and a balance between strong global reach and niche local knowledge. With our SCM recruitment, SHI Group finds and draws in passive candidates and interviews them deeply. We then put them through our background check which will help us identify the 72% who are lying to get the job. We then work with the 28% who told the truth to get you what you really need.  We offer SCM recruitment, covering opportunities in areas like sourcing, purchasing, consultancy and planning.  Our team brings together the most talented job seekers and the country’s best employers to create innovative solutions in the industry and meet the career aspirations of employees.

Our China supply chain management headhunters have deep experience finding both talented and trustworthy people in the procurement and supply chain sector. and this industry expertise translates into high-quality candidate shortlists and more successful recruitment outcomes. We understand exactly how procurement and supply chain performance impacts the bottom line of businesses, and we have the expertise to match skilled job seekers with exciting new roles that suit their experience, passion and drive in this unique and highly strategic industry.

China SCM Headhunters

china supply chain management headhunters recruiter scm recruitmentAt SHI Group China, we cover the entire spectrum of positions in the market and regularly make high profile placements at the most senior level. Our dedicated team of procurement and supply chain experts specializes in recruiting the following SCM related roles: Supply Chain management, logistics, planning, quality control, purchasing, sourcing, and general operations management.

Our China supply chain management work focuses on helping companies attract, develop, and retain best-in-class supply chain officers and their direct reports. As the China marketplace becomes more global and volatile, supply chains have absorbed the impact. Today’s supply chain leaders must be strategic thinkers, collaborators, and coordinators who optimize complex networks and global capabilities. SHI Group, China supply chain management headhunters, has a process that assumes people are lying until we can prove they have told the truth. We draw then out and then see if what they have said can stand up to the truth because in supply chain the potential for bribery is too high.  You need people who will tell the truth even under the pressure of trying to get a job. These people have proven honest and trustworthy when hired and that is not common in China supply China work.  Because the candidates we put forward do not use lying to succeed, they have focused instead on developing real skills to benefit you rather than being better at tricking you year by year. These candidates can say no to a bribe. Then your supply chain gets better quality and better pricing just by cutting out the bribery by proper hiring.

Recruiting in China

china supply chain management headhunters scm recruitmentValue creation, competitive advantage, and enabling growth are at the forefront of today’s supply chain agendas. Many companies recognize the need for a more comprehensive, integrated approach to supply chain management; however, they struggle to identify and develop the best talent to lead this evolution when it comes to recruiting in China. Cross-functional experience in product innovation; customer-facing functions; knowledge of current automation and systems technologies; multi-industry or channel backgrounds; and a balance of vision, results orientation, expert skills, and collaborative/relationships skills all exemplify success factors for today’s supply chain leaders. Of course, if you get highly capable people who are not trustworthy they can hurt you very badly and even without you knowing it.

SHI Group China is strategically positioned to meet the needs of supply chain talent for recruiting in China. We can find the hard to find talent, and we can filter out the ones who are ready to take a bribe. 72% will do just that in China. Our experienced consultants are well connected in key business sectors in the Chinese marketplace. We have hands-on practical experience in supply chain, as well as deep consulting experience across all functions and can evaluate and assess best-in-class capability and potential. We work with the world’s leading companies to help them identify supply chain leaders with drive, insight, deep experience and a strong proven commitment to honesty. We are the only firm that can help you identify supply chain talent while simultaneously checking to see if they are who they say they are. Whether your supply chain dynamics are regional, national, or global, your ability to attract, develop, and retain the best leaders is critical to long-term success.

Professional Recruiters In China

Our team focuses on helping companies attract, develop, and retain supply chain leadership for their supply chain & logistics team. We bring our clients the highest potential candidates with proven experience. We target passive candidates that meet and exceed your requirements and preferences. Our methods for recruiting in China allow you to sleep better knowing your supply chain leaders are smart and honest. Frequently, these are candidates that are currently delivering results in your industry or may bring a new perspective from one link up or down the value chain. Our candidates bring strategic thinking, collaboration, and day-to-day execution experience to propel your organization forward.

SCM Recruitment

china supply chain management headhunters scm recruitmentAt SHI Group China, our staff of seasoned SCM recruitment experts understands the pressures of this niche. We take the time to comprehend your specific business and talent needs. Clients benefit from our proven track record, passion for the industry, and tenacious drive to present the best slate of candidates possible. Our ultimate goal is to acquire the game changing talent that will make a difference to your organization. We have a well-established track record for recruiting top strategic leaders as well as providing to a demanding client base. Because our team of professionals has operations backgrounds, they provide superior leadership counsel and bring a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by clients as well as the competencies needed to excel in today’s fast paced and demanding world.

Complex, global, time-sensitive supply chains and their increasing strategic importance have raised the bar for supply chain executives everywhere.  Because of our SCM recruitment experience, we know how important these people are to you and how to get the right ones. Thus, we can quickly present targeted candidates to our clients. Whether you’re a shipper, distributor, manufacturer, or outsourced 3PL provider, we can help deliver the best supply chain talent. We know how to source and identify talent that relates to the Supply Chain process, including but not limited to: Procurement, Manufacturing, Distribution Fulfillment, Warehousing, or Transportation.

We Find The SCM Employees You Need In China

At SHI Group China, we understand that in the study of economics, one of the first things you learn is that specialization is the key to profit. When your company’s resources are spent doing something that another business can do in half the time and with greater proficiency, it can be financially detrimental. And, it can be even worse if you are trying to staff positions that are not typically within your area of expertise. By partnering with an expert who can bring specialized logistics supply chain talent to your front door, your company’s resources can be focused on more productive goals. Our SCM recruitment experience and thinking at SHI Group give you the chance to implement best in practice to your hiring process, to positively impact your bottom-line, and give you the ultimate advantage over your competition.