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shi group headhunter china beijing shanghai recruiting A successful executive search requires lots of time that you do not conveniently have. It is made more difficult as you need exceptional talent and trustworthiness. That requires access to talent typically needing more effort to draw in. It requires high relational ability in the attraction and acquisition of proven leaders. It further takes great insight to make sure people have not covered up the bad things and inflated the good.  In an industry that relies on databases and packaging, our sense of ownership, ability to get real data and transparency make SHI Group China a stand out China headhunter. SHI Group China offers:

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We successfully tap into a diverse pool of professionals, with track records of effective and energizing leadership. These leaders build and develop high-performing leadership teams. Our holistic, long-term headhunter China approach enables companies to sleep better knowing they have trustworthy talent that we fully vetted.  SHI Group’s disciplined, multi-step headhunter China process is characterized by close collaboration, high touch and an unparalleled level of customer service.  Further, we pay particular attention to the sensitivities of transition management. Our on-boarding efforts dramatically improve the success rate of leaders in new roles by speeding ramp-up, increasing retention and facilitating cultural integration.

Headhunter China Finding Trustworthy Talent

At SHI Group China, we are tenacious and accountable on every level: committed to delivering results within a measured window of time, with creativity, diligence and transparency that will ensure optimal return on investment. We want to help you find top-notch executives and talent by offering the services of our recruiting experts. Our experts are creative and passionate to find and draw in the best candidates. With our extensive knowledge of the China recruiting environment, and the many connections we have with the key players and characteristics across many fields, our recruiters are skilled in delivering superior candidates that, when placed, will begin contributing to your company immediately. No matter the size of your firm, or the position you’re looking to fill, SHI Group will turn up hard to find talent & dig deep to prove they are trustworthy.

China Headhunter

shi group headhunter china beijing shanghai recruitingWith SHI Group China’s deep experience in executive search China, you can take your company to levels of success you didn’t know were possible. Further, our headhunters find and place the candidates that will allow your company to perform to its maximum potential. Our mission as a China headhunter is to assist employers like you in connecting with high quality professionals. We use a plethora of channels to find hard to identify talent.  Through in-depth candidate reviews, stringent background checks and targeted interviews, SHI Group China’s talented team of headhunters can identify, evaluate and source talent that will help you surpass your competition in innovation, strategies and leadership.

Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. Our Accuhire® process as a China headhunter minimizes the risks associated with recruiting a new employee. SHI Group executive search consultants conduct in-depth candidate interviews to evaluate the competency and quality of each candidate we recommend to our clients. Additionally, we conduct extensive background and reference checks. When we formally recommend a candidate, we do so with the utmost confidence that the candidate meets your criteria and will be an asset to your organization. Furthermore, at SHI Group China, we bring intellectual and emotional engagement to every search. Our diligence and relational strength give us the broad reach and connections it takes to find the perfect candidate, whether searching for a board member, a new executive, a senior leader, or program expert. See also 11 Needs For Excellent Executicve Search China.

Professional Headhunters In China

Our team at SHI Group China is intently focused on finding exceptional leadership for your organization. Ask yourself: Do you really need to use Executive Search Services to find your new leader? Most experts agree that, apart from their ongoing responsibility to the organization, there is no more important task than selecting a new professional leader.  Additionally, the benefits gained by engaging the high-quality professional assistance of a China headhunter in meeting these challenges are significant.  The cost of making a mistake can be extremely high. We have conducted scores of successful searches that resulted in matching the right leader with the right position. The cost of our services is very reasonable and our results are guaranteed to be excellent. You may also like China Recruitment Agency. It has more core data thought from SHI Group.

Headhunter Shanghai

shi group headhunter china beijing shanghai recruitingAs a headhunter Shanghai, our team at SHI Group China knows how to attract top talent, nationally and regionally. We are experts in locating, attracting, interviewing and background checking. Moreover, our consultants have read and screened thousands of resumes and applications, and interviewed countless semi-finalist candidates. Moreover, SHI Group has extensive contacts and databases. Even in the tightest employment markets, we can locate and attract top talent for you. We have also conducted a number of successful national and regional executive searches. Rest assured, the tenure of our placements is among the best in the industry, and we guarantee all full-search placements. Our headhunter Shanghai work identifies proven talent and catches those who are lying to get the job offer.

Our clients and candidates continually tell us that we have the best process and client service in the headhunter Shanghai industry. We recognize that every client is unique.  Therefore, we start every recruitment with a project review.  Then we tailor every search process to meet each client’s individual needs. We partner with you, working as an advisor and facilitator throughout the process. Our process proved itself, so you can be sure that your chosen candidate will not only be highly qualified, he or she will also be a great “fit” for your organization.

Executive Search Shanghai

At SHI Group China, executive search is our primary area of service to our clients as a headhunter Shanghai. We help you find the best people, build successful teams, and generate value for shareholders through excellence. Additionally, we find exceptional leaders who are in tune with your markets and the culture of your organization. We’re able to focus on the clients’ needs and really search the marketplace, turning up top talent that may otherwise be left uncovered. Our methods are best suited for positions where other recruitment methods are unsatisfactory. Write us when you need action to recruit above average performers who typically are not reading employment ads, internet job posts or responding to traditional recruitment methods.

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shi group headhunter china headhunter beijing headhunter shanghai recruitingAt SHI Group China, we have a multi-industry model always focused on Trustworthy Talent®.  What is more, we are innovators in executive search and recruitment for the past 8 years. Moreover, SHI Group China works closely with clients and executive candidates to ensure good fit and trustworthy leadership. SHI Group specializes in senior level assignments.  Furthermore,  we understand the ability to attract and retain the right staff is the most important strategy an employer can implement.

Executive Search Beijing

In the first stage of our executive search recruiting process, we will talk deeply with you about your company and the position to ensure a solid foundation from which to build job specifications and a sound search strategy. Further, we will talk in detail with your management team as needed to develop a position description. As your headhunter Beijing, we will personally work with you to articulate key qualities that ideal candidates will need. We will also resolve any internal conflicts that may affect the recruitment process. The end result is a robust process.  It will outline the needs of your organization and also represents the position as an attractive opportunity.

Next, our team at SHI Group China will establish a recruitment strategy, including the identification of companies and candidates. Additionally, this step in the process is completely transparent to you. SHI Group identifies individuals for recruitment and the companies they are from. We want to know any concerns you may have regarding confidentiality or hands-off questions.  SHI Group China will work closely with you and the finalist to close the search. As your headhunter Beijing, we will provide assistance and guidance during the negotiation. We can assist with base salaries, bonuses, and more complete package thoughts.