Chinese Recruitment Agency

chinese recruitment agencyYou need a Chinese recruitment agency to partner with you to find great talent that is also trustworthy in China. With our Trustworthy Talent®, you can develop and prosper in one of the most dynamic economies in the world.

What do you need in a great Chinese recruitment agency in China?

Ability to Find Hard to Find Hires

If it was easy, you would not call us. The exact person you need who can also help you sleep at night is never easy to find. We have a highly developed understanding and a special process that helps us see candidates differently than other Chinese recruitment agencies. We definitely care more about candidates and care to see them as real people as a first step.  Others follow.

Imagine the case where you are ready to make the offer to an ideal candidate, and we tell you that we will not recommend this candidate. We are not saying that you cannot make that choice. We are saying we will not recommend. We can earn money if you hire this person, but we are saying that we want to find you a better candidate, and we do.

SHI Group China Makes it Hard on Ourselves

An example would be that we found that that candidate said he sold $4 million in new sales last year, but we find proof that he actually only sold 200K RMB. (This has really happened) We find you the data that makes you do the hardest thing and turn away from the one your heart said yes to. SHI Group China will then keep working to find another such candidate because we just made our own job harder by sharing that data with you. We want to get the honest guys hired and turn away from the liars too. We will find that guy or gal. That is how we see a Chinese Recruiting Agency should act by going the extra mile to put your interests first.

Cares Enough to Really Understand You and Your Needs

We know that it is hard to think what to put on a Job Description. Do not feel bad if you feel it is not easy to get what you want via this. SHI Group China discovered that you need to have some sample resumes in hand to get the best ideas out of you. You, like all people, need to see some real resumes before you start having your best thoughts. That is just one way we go farther. See also Executive Search China with SHI Group

Ability to Know What You Need

chinese recruitment agency executive recruitment china

SHI Group China has recruited a lot of people, and sometimes we see better than our customers. We will explain that you need to find someone with good initiative and that is not always easy to find in China. SHI Group China will say that you need a leader who will be transparent with the home office and able to do hands on work if you have not said so.  Surely, we will find what you ask for, but we might tell you that what you want might cost a lot of money and how you could do better for less.

Ability to See Candidates

We interview a lot of people very deeply. Many times SHI Group China can see that a candidate is comfortable with his own skin in a way that could lead to better leadership up and down. We can explain how that will help you.

Can Give You Free Consulting

Did you know that that your employee handbook can save you a lot of money if done well? Are you aware that China does not accept companies hiring independent contractors? Did you know there are other ways to handle? Can you imagine that because we interviewed your hire deeply that we can give you insight into how to manage him?

We Will Answer You

If you write us, we will answer the next day at the latest. We will not leave you hanging and will give you updates as we go. See also Recruitment Agency China Needs Great Thinking

Our English is Excellent

Our owner is American, and he makes sure our communication is clear and comfortable for you.

We Can Help You On-board and Retain

Many companies have trouble seeing that the new hire needs a lot of help like knowing where the bathroom is. Other companies have not seen that good hires want to know how to succeed and need it clear. The list goes on, and we are glad to help.

A Group that Moves Quick

If we accept work from you, we will not let any grass grow under our feet. We will leave no stone unturned. At the same time we will cut no corners because a great hire is better than a bad hire you got quick. A great hire takes deeper filtering which does take time, but no time should be wasted.

SHI Group Protects You From the Candidate That is Only Good at the Interview

We built our process because we have been line managers and made bad hires and also been tricked. We have worked in other companies where the dysfunction due to bad hiring led to deep lack of engagement. We then started this company to make the world of work better. Getting the right hire and ensuring the wrong guy stays out is just what we dreamed of.  So we created the process and could get to 95% first time success ion hiring. Also our customers indicate 24% are great hires. We could not be happier to be making the world of work so much better.

Chinese people can be the best at making the great first impression especially if they lack other skills you need. We know that 72% of the people you will be interested in from us will fail the background check. That makes a lot of work for us. However, because we love to help you succeed, we will find real data and be transparent. We also see that is what you are hoping for when you Google “Chinese recruitment agency” or “recruitment agency China”. We welcome you to contact us and hope to be your preferred Chinese recruitment agency soon.