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SHI Group China’s team has over 20 years of experience in China. SHI Group Recruitment Agency China has a deep understanding of the Chinese culture and the business environment. We are China experts with a passion for finding world-class candidates for your business.

Recruiters In China For Trustworthy Talent

SHI Group was founded in 2009. Our goal is to find the best candidates with character, skills and leadership ability for our clients.

How We Are Different China Recruiters

China Leadership Experts

  • Our goal is not to just make a placement for your company, but to help your company grow by placing remarkable top leadership. (See Video on Simple Company Transformation)
  • We find the best candidates for your business and use our intensive research process to verify credentials and leadership potential.
  • Every candidate we recruit for our clients is a potential hire. Our clients are then able to choose the best fit for their company.

China Character Experts – We Find Honest People With Real Talent 

  • We partner with our clients to hire candidates that will fit into their company culture.
  • Our strength is finding candidates that will help your business grow through their leadership and character.
  • We get you the real data beyond what the resume and interview might uncover. (See Video on Our Background Checks)

Our China Recruiting Services

We dig deep for every customer. The risks are too high to hire tricky or unqualified managers. We prove out that most of the best resumes look the best because they are lying.  Real candidates do not often have the prettiest resumes, but they are people you will never want to lose. We are a niche recruter that sees each company needs turstworthy workers who also have great talent in their position. SHIU Group makes sure it happens every time.

China Recruitment Agency Reach

We recruit remarkable candidates throughout China and from abroad as necessary from our base in China.

SHI Group Recruitment Agency China

shi group recruitment agency china chinese recruitmentExecutive recruiting is the foundation of our business. As a recruitment agency China, SHI Group China seeks to understand each client’s strategic goals, the specific leadership roles and competencies needed to meet those goals, and the culture that new executives need to embody. Also, our executive recruiting consultants possess the expertise and contacts to best support your search. We draw on our high-level professional networks, industry knowledge and internal research to identify the right people.

We Find Real Data

Foremost, SHI Group relies on real data found in a deep background check to make recommendations. Furthermore, as a recruitment agency China SHI Group customizes solutions to meet your needs and help you prepare for what is coming. Our team takes a broad, creative approach to identifying potential candidates. We evaluate candidates against both what your needs are and what we know works in China.  During the interview stage, we gather feedback and manage candidate expectations—serving as your trusted adviser throughout the entire recruitment process. Through competency interviews, leadership insight, references, and our deep background check, we evaluate, identify and then recruit the right leaders who have the attributes your company needs.​ Hence, we are the only recruitment agency China that can fully deliver the results you need and the results you want consistently. See also (Recruitment Agency China Thinking)

We Create a Better Fit by Knowing You and the Candidate Better

At SHI Group China, we focus on building long-term relationships with talented people. We want to understand their skills and what motivates them. Moreover, our staff is dedicated to finding the very best people for your role and culture by identifying expected and unexpected candidates. Even more so, we ask questions to develop an understanding of you, so that we can craft solutions that are neither easy nor over the top—but just right. In the end, we tell you and the candidates the real story.  That is the best way for you both to make the right decision.  Therefore, the relationships we build with our clients as a recruitment agency China are always based on trust and respect.

Chinese Recruitment Agency

shi group recruitment agency china chinese recruitmentAs a premier Chinese recruitment agency, SHI Group China specializes in building leadership teams for business across all sectors. Also, we’re small enough to provide the high-touch, partner-led service unique to a boutique firm, but as a well-established international firm we are also experts at helping companies grow. Our team works with growing organizations seeking to create innovation with meaningful impact for all stakeholders (clients, employees and communities). We partner with companies looking for skilled executives to foster a strong sense of purpose. Finally, SHI Group creates value across multiple bottom lines—people, profit and cash flow.

Our Sense of Ownership Means We Work for You

At SHI Group China, we deliver proven executive leaders with the right desire, personal values and skills to drive the positive financial and social impact your business needs to thrive. Furthermore, our team looks beyond traditional performance indicators through a comprehensive assessment process. This high touch approach ensures our search strategy is fully aligned to your specific objectives, values and ultimate purpose. Also, as a leading Chinese recruitment agency, our team offers not only in-depth industry knowledge and strong recruiting skills, but also an intense desire to help fuel your company’s growth by finding the right candidate for the right position. As a result, we complete searches inextricably tied to our client’s vision and strategy.

Chinese Recruitment Agency For Trustworthy Talent

We understand that every business is different. Furthermore, SHI Group learns your business and tailors the search to your specific needs and cultural environment, screening out mediocre candidates or those who are not a fit. By collecting and sharing data with clients, we become market experts developing a keen sense of the competitive landscape for executive talent. While others stop with the first slate of candidates, we believe in detailed research throughout the search so your pipeline is always filled. Finally, our research is conducted internally—never outsourced—to ensure accurate, ongoing, intelligent information.

SHI Group Recruitment Agency China for You

In Conclusion, at SHI Group China, we believe in teamwork not silos, and that means collaboration in our own firm and with our clients. Moreover, our approach as a top Chinese recruitment agency means better, smarter, faster results for you. And our commitment to high-touch client communication means you are always informed. Finally, you will get better sleep after seeing our background check uncover what you might not have guessed could be found.