Singapore recruitmentSingapore has talent, but from our first touch of Singapore recruitment till now, we see that real risks exist that SHI Group now faces more fully. More is notable in Singapore than just interesting English.

Unfortunately, good English can often transfix hiring managers trying to find talent in Asia, and Singapore hiring definitely has those risks.

First let me say, I love Singapore. The equatorial weather and the great city environment make for quite a place. The government has done quite a bit to bring in Western investment. Its location on the equator in Asia with this much Westernization is remarkable.  They love being a bridge between East and West.

Singapore Recruitment to Lower Risk and Reach Higher

Great talent is available for sure. The trick is in filtering out those who interview well but you should not trust to have or be what you need. Then, let’s start seeing better those who may not be polished in interviewing but are gems once hired. That is a common situation that trips up lots of Western companies hiring in Singapore.

SHI Group’s Rigorous Recruiting resolves these risks and reaches higher to find the diamonds in the rough. We never post a position and wait as those kind of candidates are the most unsuitable and the most likely to lie. We dig in and reach out.

Singapore is multi-ethnic with a Chinese majority. Major ethnicities are Chinese, Malay, and South Asia(India Sri Lanka). English is spoken everywhere, but most people can speak Chinese or Tamil or Malay as well depending on their language at home.

A quick aside – name the only country that became a country when they did not want to be. My hint is too big it seems. The answer is Singapore. Malaysia kicked them out as did not want so many ethnic Chinese people.  The world got blessed when Singapore became a country against its will in 1965. Let us find you the right hire, and we will make sure he or she is the right one.

How is Doing Business In Singapore?best

In the World Bank Ease of Doing Business ranking, Singapore is number 2 after New Zealand. The US comes in at 6.  Corruption Perceptions Index list Singapore at 5 while the US is at 24.  Singapore is a great place to get involved in business. When you find the right hires who can truly get on the same page with you, then you will be flying high. Singapore is small. but green and one of the cleanest cities in the world.

In such, a country, we could only be surprised to find some of the worst hires we could imagine. But we had to replace that Singaporean, and it was a hard but satisfying job. The unworthy guy went home, and the gem we found got great work. Making sure is so worth it.

What Space is SHI Group Working In?

Some people ask what industries to we work in. That is a fun question. We work in the industry of trust and real talent. We do work for restaurants, distributors, manufacturers, expeditors, trading companies, and much more. In each industry, we find the right people with the right real talent and right attitude.

Making Placements Long Term

To make sure these gems stay with you, we also try to get more information and even understand difficulties at your company which we will all tell openly with candidates. When you know his real data and he knows your real data, then a long term match exists that is so profitable.  The right fit can be achieved.

We live to get the right people to work and make sure those politicians go home to think who they are. We want you to win even though it means we will never fill that space for you again. Other recruiting companies live in greater turnover. We live on helping companies and the right hires win big.